It makes up 70% of our earth’s surface and about 60% of our own body weight. Water is the essence of life. Without it, we would all perish and many people have a hard time getting enough into their system in one day. Some people go their entire life without enough water and that may be due to the fact that they don’t understand its true value. I previously discussed some of the benefits water can have on your overall health. A novel could, and probably already has been written about all of the advantages of high-water intake. Here are a few more reasons why your water intake should be a priority.


With its natural contents, water is often the solution to many health issues that we encounter. While it is the obvious cure for dehydration, most people don’t know that a few cups of water have the potential to rid headaches, cramps, and even constipation. Our bodies often trick us into thinking we are hungry when in reality, a cup of water often satisfies the famished feeling. Those known to drink significantly more water than the average person often find themselves in great shape and free of pain in most places.


Just as our bodies contain a great deal of water, so do our brains. This being said, the brain needs to maintain its high water content in order to properly function. When we feed our brains with the nutrients of water, our levels of focus and concentration often increase. Heavy water drinkers often see their energy levels remain higher than those who pass up H2O. Being healthy in your body and brain comes simply if you become adamant about giving your body more than enough water each day.


When people first increase their water consumption they often find themselves using the bathroom more frequently. However, the more water you take in, the higher your fluid levels remain. Although you release your bladder more often, over time your body adapts and will end up maintaining a healthier level of fluid loss.


If you’ve gotten through this article without running to grab a glass of water, what are you waiting for? For those who never included water in their daily life, slowly introducing it through fruit infused water makes for a good transition. With all of the health benefits of water, it’s no wonder our world and society must rely on it for survival.