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Dr. Jenson Mak

Dr. Mak’s Philosophy

Born in Hong Kong and raised by loving grandmothers as a boy, Dr. Jenson Mak grew up appreciating the very real value elderly members of the community add when provided a platform and tools to create an impact. This included lasting lessons on the importance of things like getting up early and working hard. After he relocated to Australia as a young boy, Jenson Mak wholeheartedly embraced many Western values and cultural norms – in fact, in almost all ways, he is thoroughly Australian. However, he is proud to have folded a sincere appreciation for the elderly, that small token of his roots, into his modern identity. Although many might pay lip-service to feeling the same, the individuals who truly embody that mentality in their actions are too far and few between. This reality is reflected by the common expectation for children in Australia to send their parents to age-care facilities with little serious consideration of alternatives, and a belief that ‘being old’ means that one can no longer enjoy their lives.

Caring, Improved

In contrast, Dr. Jenson Mak continues to celebrate the older generations, fully understanding the knowledge and utility that every elderly person offers if only afforded the proper guidance towards a healthier and more vital lifestyle. Beyond acting as just their medical professional, he always digs deeper to provide better and fully informed care. This often culminates in a resounding sense of awe at his patients’ life stories – where they come from, what they have done, the families they have built, the legacies they lovingly created, and what they love doing now.

Dr. Jenson Mak and his expert care often extends to the household’s caregivers themselves, who are too often underserved and under-supported. He also invests special effort into operating as an advocate for non-English speaking patients who might not even be aware of all the resources available to them in the health sector.

Aging Gracefully

Through his healthy ageing philosophy, Dr. Jenson Mak is able to reflects his unique perspective. Although a citizen no longer serves in the workforce, he or she has far from ceased being a crucial and valuable member of society. However, to truly empower their continued contribution, Jenson takes a holistic and assertive approach to serving his patients. Counseling the elderly on their health issues and addressing challenges like medication complications, psychological issues, or exercise problems demands a healthcare provider who is willing to do more than write prescriptions. It requires someone passionate about the opportunity to make a difference. Improving lifestyles and behaviors is a privilege, and Dr. Jenson Mak’s ability to do just that is based on the relationships he builds with his patients.

Dr. Jenson Mak is a PhD(USyd) MBBS FRACP FACP FAFRM(RACP) BMedSci JP. He has been elected to Fellowship and travelled to Washington D.C. for Convocation into the American College of Physicians in May 2016.

When not working as a healthcare provider, he is active in philanthropy and enjoys spending time with his wife and three beautiful children. A new passion for Dr. Jenson Mak has become running. Having never really participated in any kind of this activity, he was amazed at the results after some brief training. His new philosophy is that running and exercise are the best medicine. At any age you can take on a  new hobby and it can probably change your life for the better.

Recently, Jenson Mak introduced his compelling journey through the pages of his latest release, “Trailblazing.” Formerly known as ‘The Fat Doc,’ wrestling with excess weight and a love for chocolate, Mak’s narrative unfolds as a striking testament to resilience and self-discovery. Fueled by the desire to witness his third child’s growth and break free from a family legacy of premature heart attacks, he metamorphoses his sedentary lifestyle into a dynamic adventure driven by a newfound passion for running. This engaging tale beckons readers to join Mak on the path of triumph over adversity, embracing the profound transformation intricately woven into the fabric of his most recent work.

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