As my running journey is only beginning there are millions of fellow runners who have been at it for years. They, like me, find the pure benefit in a good run and know that your health can truly help you balance your health. I have begun documenting my journey and a part of that has come from reading other runner’s blogs and gaining inspiration from them. It is wonderful to gain tips and best practices from those who have been doing it for years, some even on a professional level! Check out some of the running blogs that have inspired my journey and can hopefully do the same for you.


Jeff Galloway


This blog is authored by Olympian and columnist for Runner’s World, Jeff Galloway. His blog explores a journey through the eyes of a new runner. Any beginners should take a look at Jeff’s blogs before hitting the pavement. His technique include running-walking interval training and shares the benefits of the practice. The blogs that Jeff writes answers so many questions that most new runners have which is a useful tool for any blog to incorporate. For those of you who are veterans in the running community, Jeff’s blog provides plenty of insights on marathon running and preparing for other major runs.


Jenny Hadfield


This busy young woman started blogging her running journey as soon as it began. A self proclaimed “chubby young woman,” Jenny Hadfield has documented her journey from being inactive to now giving advice on long distance runs. Jenny knows that running is a challenge for many but feels as though it can still be fun. Not only does Jenny highlight tips for long distance running but she discusses other aspects of the sport, including nutrition and reviewing gear. Jenny has a very diverse blog for those who want to enhance their long distance skills.


Mile Posts


Dorothy Beal is the brains behind one of the most popular blogs about the art of running. An art, is exactly how Beal tackles running. Her mindset is that any body type is fit to run and that it doesn’t always come naturally for everyone. Having ran the Boston Marathon 5 times, Dorothy has a great deal of experience training for long distance. In her blogs she writes about everything from training techniques, to hot button issues and how they affect runners. Check out Mile Posts for some exciting, new-age takes on running.