Being based in Australia, I am fortunate to not experience too many days as cold as other parts of the world do. As I focus on my training for upcoming running events, I can’t help but wonder how those who live in cold climates keep their motivation up when it is unbearable outside. The obvious solution for many is to join a gym or fitness center but there are plenty of other routes to help keep you on track until running season picks back up.
Try Something New
For runners, it can be hard for us to stray from our typical training routine. We become accustomed to the feeling of our feet on the pavement and don’t like to stray away from our comfort zone. If you have access to a treadmill, you can always utilize that but I prefer to try something new for staying in shape when it is too cold to run. Signing up for other programs such as an aerobic class or Crossfit program can help to maintain your endurance while staying indoors. It is often common that people who religiously train using non-running methods, surprise themselves when they go for a run. Overall fitness plays a huge role in running and the more you maintain all aspects of your well-being, the better runner you will end up being.
Winter Sports
If you live somewhere within close proximity to a snow-covered mountain, you may want to consider taking up a winter sport. From ice skating to snowboarding, there are plenty of activities that will burn calories, even if you’re bundled up. For those unable to access such facilities, an activity as fun as sledding can keep your metabolism up and give you a good workout. Another perk to trying a winter sport is the ability for most of them to be group activities. Grab the family and hit the slopes or find out when the local ice rink hosts a fun filled group skating.
Meal Planning
If you’re staying in for the winter, make sure that you give yourself the time to plan out your meals. Among health enthusiasts, meal prep is becoming more and more popular. What better excuse to dust off your slow-cooker and make a meal that will feed the family for more than one day. There is no better way to warm yourself up on a cold winter night than heating up the kitchen. A lot of people fall of the wagon in the winter because of all of the holidays and gathering. Of course, indulging every once in awhile is nothing to be ashamed of but not letting yourself get too off track is key. Have a weekly plan of your meals so that you can spend more time focusing on your health than what you are eating for dinner.