It is common for someone to occasionally experience moments of forgetfulness. This often occurs during busy times in a person’s life. It may be normal, but a bad memory is frustrating. Genetics can be part of a person’s memory loss. Research has confirmed that a person’s lifestyle and diet also have a major impact on their memory. There are ways a person can improve their memory naturally.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Antioxidants decrease inflammation in a person’s body. It lowers oxidative stress from free radicals. A person can get antioxidants in things like vegetables, teas, and fruit. A review of nine studies showed that individuals who consumed more vegetables and fruits had fewer signs of dementia and cognitive decline when compared to others who ate fewer foods with antioxidants.

Brain Games
When people play brain games, they are exercising their cognitive skills. This increases their memory. A study performed with adults who had mild cognitive impairment had them use a brain-training app during a four-week period for eight hours each day. All the study participants showed an improvement with memory test performance.

Sugar Consumption
The consumption of too much sugar has been associated with a variety of health issues such as cognitive decline. Studies have demonstrated how a diet with excessive sugar can result in reduced brain volume and poor memory. It especially impacts the part of the brain responsible for short-term memory. During one study consisting of over 3,000 people, individuals who consumed significant quantities of sugar had lower memory scores when tested against people who consumed less sugar.

This is important for a person’s overall mental health. Studies have shown that exercise benefits a person’s brain in many ways and improves their memory. This is true for people of all ages. Research with adult participants up to 93 years old had them spend approximately 15 minutes exercising moderately on a stationary bike. This caused an improvement in the memories of individuals of all ages.

Refined Carbohydrates
It has been shown that consuming significant amounts of refined carbohydrates can harm your memory. These are foods like white bread, cakes, rice, cereal, cookies, and others. A study involving adults who regularly ate breakfast cereal had lower cognitive function when compared to those who did not consume it as often.

There are many healthy ways a person can improve their memory. They can exercise their mind and body as well as decrease certain things in their diet. This will help improve a person’s brain health and keep their memory working at maximum capacity.