Running a marathon is a big event that takes a lot of preparation. However, those who do not keep a smart morning routine before going to run can often find themselves throwing away all their hard work and failing to perform the way that they wanted. If you want to run well and run long, there are several things that you should do the morning before a marathon.


Probably the most important thing that you can do before a marathon is put good food into your body. Many people who do not have much experience running marathons eat food that will not help them while running the day or morning before the big run. This often slows them down, increases the number of pit stops they need to make, and if they eat too much, can even prevent them from finishing. Before running a marathon it is important to ingest carbs and hydrate. Carbs can be found in all kinds of doughy foods like pasta, and hydrating well is as simple as drinking water the day and morning before running.


Another important thing to do before a race is to try to eliminate all of your anxiety before running. This can be a difficult task, as running over 26 miles can be very daunting, especially if you are new to it. However, there are many ways to eliminate stress before you run your marathon. Many people report that deep breathing and stretching or doing yoga can help reduce pre-race anxiety. However, these are just a few ways to calm yourself down. Some people prefer to listen to music or many even develop their own pre-race routines to follow.


The final and most important thing that you can do the morning before a run is to simply prepare for it. People who show up to marathons without their proper gear almost always regret it. Running clothing is important and can help you immensely when you start running. However, it is also important to carry identification and a medical insurance cad on you in case something happens and you are unable to finish the run for a medical reason. It is also important to pack for whatever conditions you may face during the marathon, like rain or heavy wind.