The fitness industry is saturated with buzzwords and exercise jargon. One of these terms is worth exploring. Functional fitness has been around for years and has gone by many different names but has recently become very popular. But what exactly is functional fitness?


Functional fitness is a way of training your muscles to work together. And instead of trying to prepare your body for the next swimsuit, or tone your arms; you spend time working on muscles that you use every day and help you complete basic functions. Engaging in functional exercises gives you the opportunity to feel strong whilst doing everyday functions like bringing in groceries or shoveling snow. Functional fitness can be very helpful for ageing bodies. Here are some benefits of this type of exercise.


Can Be Personalized

A functional fitness routine can be flexible enough to incorporate exercises that would benefit your everyday life. They do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. And as your body changes with age or your life situation changes, your functional fitness routine can be updated to match. Are you looking to develop stamina for activities like hiking or even climbing multiple flights of stairs? Functional fitness could be for you!


Your Routine Can Grow With You

A fitness routine that is built around functional exercises can grow harder as you grow stronger. As you begin to build up your muscle tissue and overall endurance, your routine can begin change and include new muscle groups and more complex exercises. Over time, this will continue to shape your muscles in a positive way that you will benefit from for many years. 


Try to find ways to include functional exercises into your workout routine and you will be amazed at the strength and stability that you are able to develop over time. Functional exercise is the intersection of fitness and practicality; something that every adult could benefit from.