One of the most important aspects of being over the age of 50 is keeping up with your physical health, and doing it in a healthy way. It’s great that you want to keep up with your fitness as you get older, but getting older also means we have to come up with new approaches to physical health in order to avoid injuring ourselves. With tech as accessible as it is today, a great way to keep up with your fitness as a senior citizen is to check out some great YouTube videos. Here are a few of the best YouTube channels for seniors interested in their fitness.


With over a thousand videos and a pair of trainers leading the way, the team at HASfit will keep you on track throughout your fitness journey. The goal of the channel is to provide you with a variety of healthy and motivating plans that will help you reach your goals. One of the most popular playlists is “Exercises for Seniors,” which will help you start your fitness journey with a low-impact or seated exercise.

Senior Fitness With Meredith

If you’re looking for a variety of workouts that are geared toward older adults, Meredith’s channel is a great start. These workouts use only bodyweight and are easy to follow. Meredith’s channel often features live-stream workouts, which can be a great way of including exercise in your daily routine. It’ll even keep you more motivated by giving you a sense of community being in a class with other motivated and like-minded individuals.

Walk At Home

Getting in a low-impact cardio workout is a great way to keep up with your fitness as you get older, and walking can be done pretty much anywhere. These walk-at-home videos are designed to help you reach your 10,000 daily steps. They’re also great for people who are looking to get in some quality time with their friends.


The goal of Senior Shape is to provide you with a variety of workouts that are designed to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. There are various categories that feature different types of exercises, such as low-impact, seated, and high-intensity classes. These videos work great on days when you’re feeling less motivated or have an injury as well.

Fitness Blender

The team at Fitness Blender is composed of a husband and wife team who bring a lot of excitement and passion to their videos. They also understand that everyone’s fitness journey is different. Their curated playlists feature loads of different options, including low-impact for those just beginning or workouts for those with mobility issues. You can also search by video length to find the videos that work for those busier days. New videos are usually put out biweekly and they often include meal and nutrition tips as well.