Being a runner is a feeling experience for many. Those who chose to run as their form of exercise, most often enjoy the freedom to practice the sport, at any time, in any place. With the freedom to get a run in at will, there are always ways that participants are looking to improve their experience. As with many aspects of life, anything improves with the integration of innovative products. Check out some of these gadgets, any serious runner would love to receive on their birthday.




While many great running enhancers come in the form of technology, the FlipBelt is about as simple as it gets. The fabric tube, easily slides up waists ranging from 23 to 41-inches. Runners then fill the device with anything they may need during their exercise. From phones to credit cards, they can all fit in the FlipBelt. Once it’s filled with your supplies, flip it over and everything you need is at your dispense. With a similar concept to fanny packs, the FlipBelt does not; rub, have buckles or zippers, and will barely shift during your run.


Lumo Run Sensor


For runners who are always looking to improve, the Lumo Run Sensor is for you. With over seven sensors on the lightweight clip, this device can track dozens of aspects of a runner’s form. Lumo tracks cadence, bounce, pelvic movement, which all attribute to good form. The stats are then sent to Lumo’s corresponding app, where you can ingest their recommendations for improvement. If you’re willing to bring your phone along for the run, you’ll gain access to the audi cues and GPS stats from the device.


AfterShokz Trekz Air


This wireless listening device have specifically been created for those working out. The bone-conduction headphones are very lightweight, making them ideal for runners. With the unique open-ear design, runners can still enjoy their music, while still being able to hear surrounding noises. Open-road and night runners, will particularly benefit from this design. The AfterShokz durability is also incredible, compared to other wireless models. For fitness buffs, sustainability of headphones makes all the difference in a workout.