People at the age of 60 are not exercising to get a head-turning look but chasing higher quality of life and better health. Most experienced personal trainers agree that there are exercises to avoid after 60. These are:

Boot camp class exercises

Seniors can partake in boot camp classes, but their exercises should not involve high-impact moves that cause body fatigue. It can be disastrous to participate in hardcore boot camp-style classes or HIIT with much jumping or things like cardio boxing if the body at this age is not prepared for such. The suitable exercises for the aged should be smarter, not harder, and work on all aspects of training. They should incorporate basic moves focusing on strength, cardiovascular, and range of motion.

Long-distance morning runs

People in older years should avoid running in the morning, especially if it was not their routine in younger days. Everyone can train to be a runner but waking and running on pavements without proper warm-up and prior experience harm the joints. The over 60 should walk or jog lightly. Working out on a treadmill is safer because it alleviates the impact of running outside.

Weight lifts when under the weight

The reward of a workout is not worth it if it has a higher injury risk. Lifting weight without a barrier between it and the lifter is among the exercises to avoid after 60. They increase the risk of getting stuck under the weight. Exercises that fit the bill at this age include barbell squat and barbell bench press. There are safer alternatives like a chest press machine.


Trainers believe that people should avoid crunches at all ages but more so when they are over 60. Abdominal crunches should not be a part of an exercise routine at old age as they involve repetitive curving of the spine. The curving can cause back pain and spinal injuries. Some trainers recommend avoiding all floor exercises or limit the number, especially for an early morning workout. Spinal flexibility reduces with age meaning it becomes harder to get up after lying on the floor. Staying on the ground for a prolonged time can cause lasting injuries or health problems, so the over 60 with challenges of getting up from the ground on their own should avoid these exercises.

Exercises that involve putting weight behind the neck or head

The risk of tearing a rotator cuff and injuries such as shoulder impingement increases after 60. Shoulders need to be strong with a proper range of motion to live an active, healthy life in old age. The secret to maintaining healthy shoulders is not to put weights behind the neck. Some of the safer alternatives are Dumbbell shoulder presses. Under the hand, grip pulldown to the front is also safer.

Body and workout goals change at old age because the body cannot handle high-intensity activities. It is essential to consult senior citizen trainers about exercises to avoid after 60.