Most people are well aware of the fact that eating well benefits overall health. There are certain foods that have the ability to help us age in a better manner. But many are unaware that there are also foods that speed up the ageing process. As our bodies begin to naturally age, it is important that we remain aware of what we are consuming and what those foods are doing to our body.
Foods to Limit
Red/Processed Meat
Although the protein levels in many of these types of meats are high, there are other harmful aspects that do not support healthy ageing. When red meat is cooked at high temperatures, it becomes a source for advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These products are harmful molecules that the body produces. AGEs are enemies of your skin, as they break down collagen. When it comes to processed meats, (i.e. bacon, hot dogs, pepperoni) health experts raise concerns about high saturated fat levels as well as nitrates. Both of these factors can cause wrinkles as well as inflammation.
Potato Chips/ French Fries
These perfect sides to sandwiches and burgers are not likely to help the ageing process. The high levels of salt in these foods leads to water retention, which causes serious bloating. Salty treats such as these usually contain trans fat as well, which should be avoided as we age. Adults should avoid consuming more than 6 grams of salt a day. A small bag of chips can sometimes contain up to 10% of your sodium intake. Additionally, trans fat lowers the “good” kind of cholesterol and raises the levels of the “bad” type of cholesterol. If possibly avoiding these types of food is recommended in order to help the ageing process.
Anti-Ageing Boosters
As mentioned in a previous blog, this fish is considered a superfood and does wonder for the body. With high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, salmon not only has the ability to help your insides, but your skin also benefits from its nutrients. One of the leading causes of premature ageing is excessive inflammation. The healthy fats in salmon help eliminate such swelling and puffiness, giving skin a smooth texture.
Over the years, health professionals have continued discovering the endless benefits of avocados. This fruit (yes, it is a fruit), contains monounsaturated fat, one of the healthiest fats out there. This fat helps to keep the skin hydrated, less inflamed, and plumper. Due to its diversity, the avocado has the ability to take the form of many spreads and dressings. Many people find them to serve as great supplements for everyday items such as mayonnaise!