Getting into physical fitness is tough, especially if you’re a newcomer. Sometimes we have friends or family who can help us get started, keeping us motivated or showing us the ropes. But not everybody has this luxury. A great alternative is to use a fitness app. Fitness apps can remind you to work out, help motivate you, and provide you with a variety of fun and different exercises among other things. There are so many fitness apps out there though, so how do you pick the right one for you? Here are a few great fitness apps to check out in 2022.


8fit is a great app for people who like to get in shape and have a lot of guidance. It provides a personalized program that will help you reach your goals. After you have set a goal, the app will create a plan that will help you reach that goal. You can also log what you eat and create meal plans using the app. The free version of 8fit offers only limited workouts. It also allows you to track your activities and weight, and it has a variety of features that can help you keep track of your progress. The Pro version of the app comes with additional workouts and a variety of features, such as shopping lists and calorie logging.

Charity Miles

Have you ever wanted to work out not only for your own health, but to support a good cause? Charity Miles is likely the app for you then. Whenever you log running, biking, or walking miles on the app, Charity Miles will donate money to an organization of your choice. Corporate sponsors will donate a few cents for each mile you complete, but you’ll have to deal with seeing their advertising in the app at the same time. An included calculator will help you determine how much money you can raise for charity if you reach your goals. Some of the organizations that Charity Miles supports include Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital, to name a few.


Regardless of whether you own a Fitbit tracker, you can still download the app and get a Premium subscription to get access to a variety of health and fitness content. This includes video workouts, mindfulness sessions, and recipes. This content was previously in a separate app called Fitstar, but it’s now part of the standard app. These videos are designed to help you follow along with a certain exercise and keep you motivated. They have various options, such as stretching routines or stair workouts. The videos have a voice-over that tells you exactly what to do, and they also have a variety of other features that help you keep track of your progress. Each video has a different set of moves that you’re supposed to do, as well as a time and a total. If you have a physical Fitbit tracker, you’ll get even more tools with the premium subscription, such as a Health Metrics dashboard and more.