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The Best Running Blogs to Get You Motivated


As my running journey is only beginning there are millions of fellow runners who have been at it for years. They, like me, find the pure benefit in a good run and know that your health can truly help you balance your health. I have begun documenting my journey and a part of that has come from reading other runner’s blogs and gaining inspiration from them. It is wonderful to gain tips and best practices from those who have been doing it for years, some even on a professional level! Check out some of the running blogs that have inspired my journey and can hopefully do the same for you.


Jeff Galloway


This blog is authored by Olympian and columnist for Runner’s World, Jeff Galloway. His blog explores a journey through the eyes of a new runner. Any beginners should take a look at Jeff’s blogs before hitting the pavement. His technique include running-walking interval training and shares the benefits of the practice. The blogs that Jeff writes answers so many questions that most new runners have which is a useful tool for any blog to incorporate. For those of you who are veterans in the running community, Jeff’s blog provides plenty of insights on marathon running and preparing for other major runs.


Jenny Hadfield


This busy young woman started blogging her running journey as soon as it began. A self proclaimed “chubby young woman,” Jenny Hadfield has documented her journey from being inactive to now giving advice on long distance runs. Jenny knows that running is a challenge for many but feels as though it can still be fun. Not only does Jenny highlight tips for long distance running but she discusses other aspects of the sport, including nutrition and reviewing gear. Jenny has a very diverse blog for those who want to enhance their long distance skills.


Mile Posts


Dorothy Beal is the brains behind one of the most popular blogs about the art of running. An art, is exactly how Beal tackles running. Her mindset is that any body type is fit to run and that it doesn’t always come naturally for everyone. Having ran the Boston Marathon 5 times, Dorothy has a great deal of experience training for long distance. In her blogs she writes about everything from training techniques, to hot button issues and how they affect runners. Check out Mile Posts for some exciting, new-age takes on running.


Jenson Mak Water

The Power of Water: Part 1

Ageing is something that we all go through but dread happening. As much as we take care of our bodies, it is inevitable that our bodies will go through changes, the more birthdays that we celebrate. If you’ve frequented this blog before, you will see that there are many ways that we can support our ageing minds and bodies. However, one of the simplest ways we can help ourselves age in a graceful way is something many push aside. Our water intake is something that can completely change the way our body functions. It is something that many people don’t consider a part of a healthy regimen. There are endless benefits to high water consumption, especially for an individual wanting to age in a healthy manner.


Drinking a sufficient amount of water per days helps to keep your body balances. As we push other substances into ourselves, in the form of food and drink, we need the nutrients in water to help keep our bodily fluids level. Our fluids help to support the digestive system, maintain our temperature, regulate circulation, and more. Keeping up high levels of fluids throughout the day gives all of these functions the key to success. While many argue that any type of liquid can help your body function, none are able to provide the nutrients that are encased in H2O.


Another benefit of increased water levels is its impact on weight loss. As we age, it can become more challenging to lose weight. A surefire way to get yourself healthier is to substitute high calorie drinks with water. Though an obvious concept, the less calories we consume the better chance we have at dropping some weight. Most people think that their caloric intake only has to do with the food they eat, while many of the worst contenders are drinks. Choosing to drink water over a sugary soda or juice can truly help flush out toxins as well as promote weight loss.


While water reaps endless benefits, it is something that many people don’t incorporate enough of into their everyday routine. Adding water in the smallest increments over time can help our bodies stay healthy and as we age, do so in a healthy manner.


Jenson Mak Running Habits

3 Running Habits to Break (Or Avoid If You’re Just Starting)

As I continue my journey of discovery in the running world community I have begun to understand how the exercise treats our bodies. Many people are born with the body types to run long distances while many have to work their way to feeling comfortable while running. There have been many lessons that I have already learned about myself during my training and continue to find habits that are often hard to break. Here are some of the more common running habits to break or avoid if you are able.


  • Starting Out Harsh
    • Those who are new or returning to running after an injury often test themselves by seeing how far and long they are able to go. This is a common practice and is one that should be avoided at all costs. Having not exercised at an excruciating extend allows your muscles to take a break and relax. If you push your body too hard, you risk a new or reoccurring injury down the line. I highlighted the Couch to 5K app in my last blog. This app can be a great tool for new and injured runners to experiment with in the beginning.



  • Sleep
    • Getting a full night sleep is one of the most important thing a runner can do for their bodies. Runners who chose to complete their workout at night often find themselves with bursts of energy afterward. This can lead to lack of sleep and staying up later. Your full body is working during a run and giving it the rest it deserves is extremely important. Try running earlier in the day or forcing yourself to unwind through meditation after a late night run.



  • Form
    • This one often gets forgotten about but the way you run has a major impact on the way your body handles the pressure. First, you should never be looking down at your feet while you run. Keeping your head straight forward helps oxygen properly flow. Additionally swinging your arms in front of you and clenching your fists can make for more work on your body.


These three habits are ones that many runners encounter during their time partaking in the exercise. There are many more aspects of running that may be hurting the your body but we can save those for another day. Keep in mind these habits and try to break the next time you hit the road.

Jenson Mak Running Apps

2 of the Best Running Apps for Beginners

If you’ve read some of my more recent blog posts, you’ll have noticed that running has become a huge part of my life. Having transitioned from not being able to finish a few miles to now running half marathons, my eyes have opened to the wonders of exercise. My hope is that through my journey I have inspired someone else to pick up the past time. If you are new to running, there are plenty of tools out there to help guide you towards a successful path. Here are a few of my favorite apps for beginner runners.


Couch to 5K


This app is great for runners of any level of experience. Even if you are already an avid runner but decide you want to start doing races, Couch to 5k can help. The app helps to gradually build runners up to running long distances. The program is set up so that over a few weeks span you can build up your tolerance and endurance. The prompts on the app will have you run for spans of no more than 2 minutes in the beginning. The intervals of running and walking help to get newcomers, at an activity level that best suits their personal fitness. Since being developed the Couch to 5K app has be adapted into variations for 10K, half, and full marathons.




When first starting out on your running endeavor, you may only be comfortable running one route. For many of us, running the same course can become tedious and boring. Fortunately, the creative minds at RunGo have developed a way for you to find new running courses anywhere you go. With over 40,000 different routes, this app makes running a new adventure each and every time. With voice navigation at each turn, this user-friendly experience has the potential to make every run feel like a new endeavor. As an added bonus you can create your own route and the app will guide you along your desired path.


While there are thousands of fitness apps out there, it is important that beginners take the time to understand their fitness goals. Couch to 5K and RunGo are great places for anyone to start. With their unique techniques for making running more enjoyable, anyone can have the ability to prepare for the next local race in their area!


Jenson Mak healthy Ageing Month

It’s Healthy Ageing Month!

As a specialist in healthy ageing, I know that it is important to always be aware of what your are doing to better your body as the years go by. Many people are unaware of the harmful things that they do, everyday, which neglects them from ageing in a healthy manner. As any good cause does, a month of awareness has been designated to healthy ageing and it just so happens to be September! While most of the world is wrapping up their summer, over in Australia ours is only beginning. Regardless of where you are in the world, it is important that you consider taking strides towards ageing gracefully.

If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning, you’ll know that there are many crucial aspects of ageing in a healthy manner. In honor of healthy ageing month, I wanted to round up some of the most important subjects that I have touched upon in the past. I hope this also helps some new viewers to gain insight as to what my blog has to offer!

Healthy Ageing and Diet

When it comes down to health, in general, diet is something that remains consistent across the board. No matter what health issue you have in your life, a well-balanced and thought out eating regimen is never hurtful. When it comes to healthy ageing there are so many aspects of our diet that can be altered. Certain foods can actually help the process of ageing, while others can hinder. My two part blog series about such foods and beverages, guides readers towards the best and worst options when it comes to healthy ageing. In addition, the power behind superfoods is important for people of all ages to understand. Everyone should be incorporating these foods into their diet on a daily basis

Exercise and Ageing

Food may be the main factor behind a healthy lifestyle but exercise can also dramatically lengthen a person’s life expectancy. Certain exercises such as yoga use gentle movement to boost flexibility and wellness. Some of you have learned that running has become a major part of my life. I hope that my journey can help others discover that getting fit at any age is possible.

In addition to all of the lifestyle changes that we make to remain healthy, some of the best things you can do for yourself happen in your senior years. We can spend our whole lives working out and eating well but the true test comes after retirement. Keeping our minds sharp and social abilities up to par are crucial for living a long life. I wrote about some examples of working after retirement that can help keep elders feeling young and involved. Of course, it is always important to have fun, stay young and energized, even when you’re 80!

Jenson Mak Running

Running is the Best Medicine

You’ve likely heard the phrase that exercise is the best medicine. This statement is beyond true! There are countless benefits for the body and mind that come from getting your heart pumping. I have recently taken up running and the results that I have seen in myself are incredible. From someone who could barely run 1 kilometer to now having completed 3 half marathons I have never felt more in shape and active. For those like me who have limited experience in running there are useful tools such as the Couch to 5K app to help get your new hobby started. Minimal skill is required to take up the activity and it can pose so many benefits to your health.


During my running endeavors I have found many ways that running benefits all aspects of my health. Many people experience a feeling of enlightenment or happiness while they are running. As all exercise is, running is a great stress reliever. A number of studies have been conducted on the theory and the results have proved how beneficial even 30 minutes of exercise can be towards your mental health.


In addition to mental benefits, the physical benefits of running stretch beyond just getting in shape. Running is one of the few exercises that allows your body to continue burning calories after the activity is complete. The activity is also known to keep us youthful as we age. As someone who didn’t start their running career until later in life I can definitely attest to the fact that running makes us feel younger. Not only are there physical benefits to running as we age, but mentally, the sport reduces the risk of mental decline caused by ageing. Those who have already suffered from serious illnesses such as cancers or stroke have added years onto their lives by running post-recovery.


Whether you’ve been an avid runner your whole life or you are just finding your passion for it, know that you are truly helping your mind and body by getting out there. There are so many useful tools to help keep runners on track and help build you up to running any length race you desire. Who knows, maybe you will be beside me for the next half marathon!


Coconut Oil Craze

Over the years we have seen various amounts of trends in regards to health, wellness, and beauty. Most often, these trends have little to do with one another and require their own regiment. However, a recent product has becoming growing in popularity and it happens to help people in more than one aspect of their well-being. Coconut oil has been around for many years as a cooking alternative but many people didn’t realize how truly beneficial the natural oil is for our overall health.


Skin and Hair Care

Using coconut oil as a skin care product is one of the more recently discovered benefits of the item. People use the oil as a substitute for moisturizer. As a natural oil there is a low probability that the coconut oil will cause any adverse effects on the skin. The oil has been known to help with wrinkle prevention and smoothing, a great factor to consider for those wanting to focus on healthy ageing. The antioxidants in the oil help to prevent any degenerative diseases which are often caused by premature ageing. In addition to the benefits coconut oil provides for the skin, it is also highly rated as a hair care product. The oil assists in restoring damages to hair while also giving it a shiny factor.


Health Benefits

From its origins of popularity, coconut oil has mostly been used in cooking situations. While your external appearance is heightened by the oil, your insides will also be thanking you for providing it with coconut oil. There are many different reasons why coconut oil is something to include in your recipes but one of the most important is its help in maintaining a healthy diet. In women, particularly, coconut oil has been known to reduce abdominal obesity. The fatty acids within coconut oil help to lose and maintain weight at a healthy level. Some of the other acids that are found in coconut oil have proven their ability to strengthen our immune systems. The fewer calories in coconut oil has made it an essential part of athletes and fitness fans everyday life.


Best and Worst Food For Ageing: Part 2

Food is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Without it, we don’t survive. If you’ve already ready the first installment of this blog, great, you are already on track to keeping yourself youthful. For those new to the blog, welcome! In hopes of shedding light onto the importance of healthy ageing, this blog gives insight into the best and worst foods in support of the ageing process. This blog will focus on some of the liquids and drinks that most affect the aging process. Take a look at a few of the best and worst contenders.


Drink Sparingly



While drinking red wine in moderation may prove to be heart healthy, overconsumption of alcohol can hinder a graceful ageing process. Consuming more than one “standard” drink a day, can leave lasting effects on your skin and the rest of your body. Alcohol is an inducer of rosacea, which eventually vanishes. However, over time, multiple rosacea episodes can lead to permanent enlargement of the blood vessels allowing thread veins to show up on the skin. Those who frequently consume alcohol are likely to notice their skin drying and dehydrating more frequently. Many of these beverages contain high levels of sugar which damage the collagen in the skin, causing rapid ageing for many.



It is common knowledge that soda is not the best choice when it comes to a healthy drink. The artificial sweeteners and sugar levels are damaging to the inside and outside of the human body. A study conducted at UCSF showed that daily soda intake can age your cells up to two years at a time. This statistic shows that soda consumption almost as damaging to ageing as smoking does. Not only do the harmful chemicals in soda break down collagen, it also causes damage internally, leading to higher risks of heart attacks and diabetes. A great way to still get the soda bubbly effect is to mix sparkling water with a pure juice!


Drink Up!


Green Tea

One of nature’s greatest gifts is the benefits that many of the plants provide. Tea, is one of the healthiest drinks out there. There are many reasons people should switch from coffee to tea, one of the being its ability to help the ageing process. Green tea, in particular, is an excellent, natural anti-inflammatory. The polyphenols in green tea, help to fight off any cell damage the body is entailing. Other teas, such a white tea, have proven their anti-ageing abilities by slowing down the breakdown of collagen and elastin. This gives the skin a better chance at remaining wrinkle-free and not swollen.



While normal milk definitely has its anti-ageing qualities, soy milk flourishes when it comes to keeping you youthful looking. Soy milk contains isoflavones, which contains skin-firming collagen. Researchers believe that the isoflavones also prevent wrinkles. A study showed that subjects exposed to UV lighting after consuming isoflavones possessed smoother skin than those without consumption. Soy milk becomes yet another great resource to prevent that inevitable breakdown of collagen!

Jenson Mak Half Marathon

Running for a Cause


Giving back is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can pursue. Being able to help one another while also benefiting you is an encounter very few will have in their lifetime. I was fortunate enough to partake in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) Half Marathon a few weeks ago. Although the training part was a major facet of the race, being able to help raise money for a charity so close to my heart was the most gratifying part.


Prior to starting my race training, I was barely able to run 1K without struggling to breathe. I was truly amazed at the ability the human mind has when it wants to achieve a goal. I had always believed the preconceived notions that long distance running was not healthy as it weakened joints. Now that I have completed training and participated in my first race, I have escaped from negative thoughts about running. I am finally able to appreciate the benefits of running. I hope that my discoveries help to encourage others to push themselves to their fullest potentials. Sometimes we must cross boundaries and step out of our comfort zones to fully understand our body’s abilities.


As I mentioned, completing this race was a challenge I had faced myself with. More importantly, this race was about raising money for some of Australia’s most important philanthropies. I was truly honored to be a part of the team that supported NeuRA. This organization works hard to complete in-depth research for neurological diseases. NeuRA is a very important organization to me, as many of you know that I specialize in healthy ageing. I also have some close relatives who have suffered from strokes, dementia, and Autism. NeuRA passionately strives to answer many of the questions that come along with these diseases. I am very proud that my team helped to raise of $14,000 for NeuRA and their continued research efforts.


Throughout this entire experience, I have learned a great deal about myself and the capabilities the human body possesses. The most humbling part of this venture is the fact that so many people around me were generous enough to donate to the cause. I am extremely proud to have ranked in the Top 10 Individual Fundraisers for SMH Half Marathon. Words are unable to express my gratitude towards everyone who donated and supported me in this endeavor. I am looking forward to continuing to help raise funds for NeuRA and to continue my training for future races!


If you are interested in learning more about the SMH Half Marathon, NeuRA, or even donating to cause, please feel free to follow this link!



Best and Worst Foods for Healthy Ageing: Part 1

Most people are well aware of the fact that eating well benefits overall health. There are certain foods that have the ability to help us age in a better manner. But many are unaware that there are also foods that speed up the ageing process. As our bodies begin to naturally age, it is important that we remain aware of what we are consuming and what those foods are doing to our body.
Foods to Limit
Red/Processed Meat
Although the protein levels in many of these types of meats are high, there are other harmful aspects that do not support healthy ageing. When red meat is cooked at high temperatures, it becomes a source for advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These products are harmful molecules that the body produces. AGEs are enemies of your skin, as they break down collagen. When it comes to processed meats, (i.e. bacon, hot dogs, pepperoni) health experts raise concerns about high saturated fat levels as well as nitrates. Both of these factors can cause wrinkles as well as inflammation.
Potato Chips/ French Fries
These perfect sides to sandwiches and burgers are not likely to help the ageing process. The high levels of salt in these foods leads to water retention, which causes serious bloating. Salty treats such as these usually contain trans fat as well, which should be avoided as we age. Adults should avoid consuming more than 6 grams of salt a day. A small bag of chips can sometimes contain up to 10% of your sodium intake. Additionally, trans fat lowers the “good” kind of cholesterol and raises the levels of the “bad” type of cholesterol. If possibly avoiding these types of food is recommended in order to help the ageing process.
Anti-Ageing Boosters
As mentioned in a previous blog, this fish is considered a superfood and does wonder for the body. With high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, salmon not only has the ability to help your insides, but your skin also benefits from its nutrients. One of the leading causes of premature ageing is excessive inflammation. The healthy fats in salmon help eliminate such swelling and puffiness, giving skin a smooth texture.
Over the years, health professionals have continued discovering the endless benefits of avocados. This fruit (yes, it is a fruit), contains monounsaturated fat, one of the healthiest fats out there. This fat helps to keep the skin hydrated, less inflamed, and plumper. Due to its diversity, the avocado has the ability to take the form of many spreads and dressings. Many people find them to serve as great supplements for everyday items such as mayonnaise!

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